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Malta is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, just a drop in the ocean and is most southern country in the EU. The island group consists of the main island, Malta, the sister island Gozo (1/3 the size of Malta) and Comino(a small island between Gozo and Comino with a population of just few people). Approximately the Maltese population is around 400,000 people.

The Maltese islands are a place for old and young - either you come here to party, relax or to spend a quiet holiday with your family.

The unique history and culture of this small island gives it a better stand to other islands in the mediterranean sea. The French, Romans, Arabs, English, etc. have ruled the island in the past. Malta is an independent state since 1964.

Very interesting are the different nationalities that can be found on the island: Italians, English, Germans, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Australians, Americans, Canadians, Japanese, Chinese, Brasilians, and many more.

Malta Board Community

Hello everybody, We will be visiting Gozo for two weeks. Now we would like to know what we definitely should see on that beautiful and tranquil island. How is the public transport operating? What does it cost? Does anybody have some tips wha... Reply now >>

Re: Mates in Malta
hi mate, i am looking accomodation in malta. i am from spain and i arrived last night. can you tell me, where can i found aggencies for accomodation? this is my email: Reply now >>

Re: nightlife
There is a disco/bar/caf in gozo(near xlendi). I dont know anymore whats it called, but its quite nice and also very big!! Do you know it?... Reply now >>

Re: nightlife
Paceville of course!!! There are plenty of bars und discos all in one area. For example Havana, Axis(TOP***), Plush(chillout bar), Fuego(Salsa), HUGO"s(for high society), Empire (trance),... Have fun ;)... Reply now >>

Hey everybody! Where to go in Malta to have fun?... Reply now >>

Re: Shopping in Malta
Sliema is also good to go shopping, Placa shopping mall and around the plaza! Bugibba is good to buy jewelry. Nice wishes and lots of fun.... Reply now >>

Re: Shopping in Malta
Yes there is one. Its called Bay Street and it is located in paceville (st. Julians). This mall closes at 10h in the night. But I think the best place is valletta. However they close at 6pm.... Reply now >>

Shopping in Malta
i heard about a place where you can go shopping till late in the night? Where is that place? What time they es closing the shop? Where else is good to go shopping? Are there some special goods which re cheaper? Please somebody answer me!... Reply now >>

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